Tactical CNC Plasma Tables have been designed to suit the needs of small to midsized sectors of the metal fabrication market. Advanced series tables are made to withstand heavy production, last longer than previous models, and be flexible to respond to unique needs and cutting requirements. They are available in three sizes, which include four feet wide by eight feet long, five feet wide by ten feet long, and six feet wide by twelve feet long. Customers can select a water table, a down draft table, or a hybrid water/down draft table.

Whichever type is selected, the Tactical CNC Plasma Table will have the same features. Table legs are heavy duty and adjustable, and slats and holders are redesigned to be longer lasting. The base is heavy gauge steel and water tight. Mounting faces are designed for increased accuracy and precision. The gantry is manufactured of specially engineered aluminum. A magnetic breakaway safety feature is included for the plasma torch, and the gear box has zero backlash. The โ€œYโ€ and โ€œZโ€ axis motors are protect3d by a fully enclosed custom engineered carriage. The wiring and cable harness are enclosed in cable tracks to provide friction free movement. Plasma cutter options are available to match specific cutting requirements, and include air plasma, mixed gas plasma, or high definition precision plasma.

Tables can be purchased separately, or as part of a CNC plasma cutting system. The system includes the table, a CNC controller, triple magnetic disc torch collision breakaway, mechanized plasma cutter, automatic torch height control, a computer and work station, and CAD/CAM software. Set-up and on-site training for all operators are also included with the purchase of an entire system. Telephone and e-mail support is also available for the life time of the system purchased.

The computer aided drawing (CAD) part of the software is easy to learn and can be used for any 2D shapes. The computer aided manufacturing (CAM) aspect includes easy image to vector conversions, pre-loaded cutting parameters, a tool path generator, multiple part grid nesting, and remote access for troubleshooting, among other features. A demonstration of the software capabilities is available via online meeting for interested business owners.